Student protests in 1971, Slovene equivalent of May 68.

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Faculty of Arts, University of Ljubljana, is located in the city center: Aškerčeva ulica 2, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia.

If you are arriving by car, you can park on the streets nearby, but you will need to pay 0.50–0.80 EUR per hour (parking time is limited in certain areas). Close to the faculty (if you cross Slovenska street) there is a large parking space called NUK (price is 1.30 EUR per hour).

You can also park at the outskirts of Ljubljana, for example P+R Barje, where you can park for the whole day and take bus number 9, which stops near the faculty (bus stop Mirje) or P+R Dolgi most and take bus number 6(bus stop Aškerčeva).

If you come by train or by bus, you can use city busses number 2, 27 or 9, which stop at bus stop Kolodvor next to the central bus station. If you decide to take a bus to the faculty, you will have to purchase Urbana.

If you prefer walking, it will take you approximately 30 min, since the distance from the station to the faculty is 2 km.

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